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As equipments


,They are made of food grade 100% stainless steel 304. They have strong caustic solutions. Our national standard of nickel content is 8%~10%. Ours is more than 10%.

So all of our products which made of stainless steel reach international standard. Produced by thick and authentic stainless steel 304 plate, our tanks are not only beautiful, but also more durable. Our inspection certificate of stainless steel is in the following picture,please check.

In addition, the vent valves at the top of our fermenter can control the inner pressure of tanks precisely.

When the pressure inside tanks is as low as negative, it will inject air into the tank.

When the pressure inside is higher than 0.15Mpa~2Mpa, it will lower the pressure insdie the tanks to 0.15Mpa again.In this way, the taste and quality of beer can be enhanced.And your production efficiency will be higher.

Moreover, the pipes and valves are connected by threads, ferrules and gaskets, which can make sure the beer will not leak when it is flowing around and it won’t contact oxygen.


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